Relaxation and well-being

A gift from the sea, the precious salt is a simple natural element, long known for its healing properties and as a source of wellness for the body and mind. White gold, as the ancients called sea salt, is the star of our Spa: Italy’s first saline wellness centre.

Dedicated to those who love to take care of themselves, their health and beauty, the wellness centre in Rimini at Hotel Regina Elena 57 is a special place, where you can choose regenerating paths, guided by our expert professionals, and health and beauty treatments based on the beneficial action of salt from the Cervia and Trapani saltpans.

The energy of this ancient element declined in many different applications is the feature that makes our 4-star hotel with beauty farm unique: the Oro Bianco Spa services are in fact ideal for those who want to relax after a day’s work, take care of their health or pamper themselves with massages, steam baths and exclusive face and body rituals.

The Wellness Hotel Regina Elena 57 has numerous offers for its guests for holidays dedicated to relaxation and self-care. Some of our accommodation offers include admission to the exclusive Oro Bianco Spa saltwater wellness centre and the opportunity to enjoy wellness packages and a wide range of treatments. All the treatments offered by the wellness centre in Rimini are based on Cervia and Trapani salt. At the hotel, you can choose from: wellness paths, exclusive face and body rituals, massages, specific face and body treatments, beauty treatments for hands, feet, make-up and epilation.

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The benefits of sea salt

The sea, “thalassa” and the cure, “therapia” are the basis of a millenary practice already in use among the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks and ancient Romans, for whom the sea and thermal baths were an opportunity to exploit the stimulating, remineralizing and regenerating properties of sea water.
The use of marine products, in fact, has again became a therapeutic art, Thalassotherapy, a practice designed to lead the individual back to a lost psycho-physical balance.

For the execution of wellness treatments, in our Oro Bianco SPA, only non-treated sea salt, is used; that is a mineral intact of all the trace elements given by nature in sea water and therefore capable of donating precious vital substances to our body , healthy and natural.

Refined sea salt and rock salt, mine salt, undergo processes that deplete the salt of its precious elements, in particular iodine.
According to the Chemical Analysis Laboratory of Nantes (France), whole sea salt contains at least 70 of the 84 substances found in seawater. In addition to sodium chloride, mineral “impurities” are found in the whole sea salt (sulphates, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and trace minerals such as strontium, manganese, iodine, zinc, fluorides, silver, boron, silicon, copper and others ), very valuable for health.
These elements work in synergy with each other and with other minerals and vitamins present in our body.

Treat yourself to some relaxation and carve out time for yourself. Oro Bianco Spa offers you a wide choice of treatments, designed for an exclusive moment or for your daily routine. Take a look at our treatment list and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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